On Sept. 6, the Stephenville City Council is expected to approve an ordinance adopting the 2011-12 budget and conduct the first of two public hearings on a proposed tax rate increase. The second public hearing will be held Sept.13 with a vote on tax rate expected on Sept. 20.

The new fiscal year will begin Oct. 1.

$24.4 million

The total dollar amount for 2011-12 Programs of Services for the city of Stephenville totals $24,425,947. Approximately $15.3 million for operations, $3.22 million for debt service and $5.9 million for capital improvement projects.


The proposed general fund budget is a $344,374 - or a 3.2 percent increase over 2010-11.


The revenue increase the city will see if a proposed tax rate increase of $0.025 per $100 in value is approved by the city council. The proposed city property tax rate would raise taxes from $0.46 to $0.4850 per $100. In 2010-11, $.0585 was applied to debt service whereas the proposed rate would increase that amount to $0.0656 in 2011-12. The maintenance and operations rate would increase to $.4194 per $100, which compares to $.4015 in 2010-11.


The average taxable value of a residence within the city. The average value in 2010-11 was $95,055.

6.6 percent

A combined increase in utility fees recommended by city staff to cover increased costs. The increase will be seen by city customers through an 1.6 percent increase to their water rate volume charge and 5 percent increase to sewer volume.


Allocations to fund improvements to water and sanitary sewer systems. The proposed budget contains a $120,000 allocation for maintenance of water wells; $125,000 for the water distribution system; $15,000 for meters; $50,000 for water sewer collection system; $30,000 for wastewater treatment plant.


The increase to utility fund budget equates to 1.42 percent. Utility reserves will be used to cover the required capital maintenance.


The proposed landfill budget rings at $74,190 less than 2010-11. Rate adjustments are not expected in the coming fiscal year. A transfer of $136,628 from the general fund for landfill operations.


Amount budgeted in the airport fund, an $1,821 increase over the current fiscal year,$287,735 will be transferred from the general fund for operations at Stephenville Clark Regional Airport.


Amount budget for the storm water drainage fund, an increase of $31,799. Debt service payments of $558,615 for maintenance projects are included in the 2011-12 budget.

1.47 percent

The increase in property valuations adds up to a total taxable property value of $895 million, up from $882 million in 2010-11. An estimated $4 million is primarily attributed to an increase in commercial personal property - or inventory - with $8 million attributed to new construction.

$4 million

The city is proposing to issue $4 million in debt for two projects - the construction of a new fire station and major thoroughfare reconstruction. Meanwhile, $200,000 has been budget for annual street maintenance projects. The city proposes to use $2.5 million derived from the certificates of obligation on the fire department with an additional $500,000 taken from reserves.

The information is not a complete budget breakdown, but highlights taken from a budget overview presented to the Stephenville City Council in early August. The complete proposed budget may be viewed at ci.stephenville.tx.us.