What women's group made Stephenville High School history in 1968? What are the Stingerettes? Where is the algebra classroom?

As the final two weeks of summer wind down, there are likely hundreds of questions going through the minds of freshmen preparing to enter Stephenville High School.

Anxious members of the Class of 2015 can rest easy and get all their questions answered during Fish Camp slated to begin at 9 a.m. Thursday at SHS. Parents can drop students off at the high school cafeteria by 9 a.m. for the one-day orientation which will conclude shortly after noon.

"We want to give all of the new freshmen the low-down on all the rules and procedures in a fun, interactive way," said Assistant Principal Stephanie Traweek.

Students will enjoy a campus tour led by members of the Student Council, and learn about the school's history and traditions.

Student Council members will also make their way down the runway for a fashion show outlining the student dress code.

Incoming freshmen will also compete in a tug-of-war contest and scavenger hunt. Then they will be given a Yellow Jacket T-shirt and participate in their first pep rally.

"We understand that going into high school is a jump from their junior high days," Traweek said. "We do have higher expectations on the high school campus and want to ease the transition for our students."