Flames spewed from the top floor of the old peanut

mill in Dublin at the corner of Sheridan and Post Oak Streets just

after 7 p.m. Friday.

Fire fighters climbed three stories to extinguish the

fire, the fourth floor was not accessible, according to Erath

County Volunteer Fire Rescue coordinator Chris Gable who assisted

Dublin Fire Department.

The third and fourth floors of the four-story mill

were extensively damaged, Gable said. The fire was contained to the

top two floors but the lower floors received water damage.

"Gigantic timber and steel support beams are still

solid and the structural integrity of the exterior of the building

is sound," Gable said. 

Several tons of heavy machinery consisting of ropes

and pulley systems fell through the fourth floor and rests on the

third. The peanut mill has stood vacant for many years.