A Stephenville resident's canine companion is under quarantine - and could be deemed dangerous - after a Thursday attack on a 10-year-old girl.

The Stephenville Police Department was dispatched to the 3100 block of Bob White Road just before 2:30 p.m., according to Lt. Doug McClammy. The victim was taken to the emergency room at Texas Health Stephenville.

During the investigation, officers learned the girl had just exited the home when a neighbor's Australian Shepherd mix attacked.

"The dog knocked the little girl down and bit her on the left arm," McClammy said. "The victim's father separated the dog from his daughter, and the owner of the dog secured the animal inside her residence."

Vickie Jones, the victim's mother, told the Empire-Tribune her husband and daughter were walking down the street when the dog jumped on the victim.

"The dog was digging on my daughter's back, with his teeth in her arm, trying to pull her out of the road," Jones said. "It was a terrifying experience."

The victim was left with puncture marks in her arms, claw marks down her back and an injured knee, according to Jones.

Meanwhile, Jones is issuing a plea to pet owners.

"If you have an aggressive dog, keep it in your house, within proper fencing or on a restraint," she said.

"We should not have to worry about neighborhood dogs when walking down the street," Jones added. "There are a lot of children living on this street and now, my children are afraid to go outside."

Jones believes the dog is dangerous.

"This isn't the first incident," Jones said, adding the dog allegedly attacked a cable technician in January.

McClammy said an official report was not filed, and law enforcement officials had not confirmed the earlier attack.

The dog owner was reportedly cooperative and voluntarily quarantined the dog.

A trial will be held in the courtroom of Justice of the Peace Shawnee Bass at 1:30 p.m. today.

"If the animal is deemed dangerous, the owner will be required to comply with strict guidelines in order to keep the animal inside the city limits," McClammy said.