Quick work has been made in the effort by Keep Stephenville Beautiful and crews with the city and county to clean up the Bosque River, which has served as an illegal dumping ground for years.

"Everyone is working above and beyond what we ever projected," said Metta Collier with Keep Stephenville Beautiful.

Though the cleanup focuses on portions of the river inside the city, everyone has taken part to help out.

"This is a total community effort. Keep Stephenville Beautiful, private citizens, the city and county are all working together to make the Bosque River a great place again," said Commissioner Joe Brown.

The project was first estimated to take several months.

"We have made amazing progress in two days, and in two more weeks, you will not recognize the river. It will look completely different," Brown said.

The group is now stepping away from the project, allowing the city and Brazos River Authority to begin bank stabilization along the river and additional cleanup.

The cleanup will make way for a river trail extension, wetlands conservation area and recreational areas along the river.

"That's exactly why Keep Stephenville Beautiful began this project. We have paved the way for all of this to happen," Collier said.

The group is now focusing on future projects to continue beautifying the city.

The organization meets at 11:30 a.m. on the second Wednesday of each month at Agave.

"The community belongs to all of us. We welcome ideas, input and involvement from everybody," Collier said.