America celebrated on Aug. 14, 1945 following the announcement of the end of Warld War II, and today, Stephenville celebrates reflecting on the Spirit of '45.

The Spirit of '45 is an initiative to honor Americans who served in World War II on the anniversary of Japan's surrender in the war.

There were 2,076 Erath County residents who served in the second world war - 104 of which gave the ultimate sacrifice and died in the battle.

Stephenville Mayor Nancy Hunter proclaimed today as Spirit of '45 Day in the city, and is encouraging citizens to remember the actions to ensure freedom by our military veterans.

"We should never forget the sacrifices that were made so that we are able to be free and live in the greatest country in the world," Hunter said. "Americans everywhere should take a moment to think about all that was done to preserve our liberties, squash tyranny, and give of themselves so that we could have the opportunity to prosper. God bless those people that did so much and asked for so little."

She presented the proclamation to American Legion Commander Don Douglas during a brief ceremony Friday.

In the proclamation, Hunter praised the "courage, dedication, self-sacrifice and compassion of the ordinary heroes" of the World War II generation which continues to inspire our nation.

"The entire World War II generation, military and civilian alike, has provided a model of national unity and community that will continue to serve as a source of inspiration for current and future generations of Americans to come together to work for the continued prosperity of the United States and world," Hunter said.