A raw foods chef has found his calling in Stephenville.

"All I want to do is inspire Stephenville," said Paul Risse, whose fans call him their "life guru."

Risse is now starring in "Average Joe on the Raw," an independently-produced film that teaches healthy living through eating raw foods. He is joined by other notable names in raw food circles who share his enlightened approach to life.

Risse has a growing and loyal following of Erath County residents who have embraced the "raw lifestyle." He teaches friends and neighbors how to achieve a "day-by-day level of enlightenment" and "peace of mind" through eating a diet of raw foods.

Risse is a personal trainer, develops eating and cleansing programs, and is a raw foods chef whose experience in the health industry has taken him across the country.

He worked as a personal trainer for ABC's Extreme Makeover, and at one point trained actor Harvey Keitel.

The film focuses on a raw foods diet, but impacts many areas of life by delving into the spheres of mind, body and soul.

"Mind, body and soul hold hands always. Where one goes, all of them go," Risse said. "There is a direct correlation between how and what you eat and the impact those things have on your mind and soul."

The concept of the film took shape when co-producer Seth Hayhurst's wife was diagnosed with a digestive disease. "Average Joe on the Raw" chronicles the physical transformation she and others undergo as they begin the journey into a raw diet.

"The documentary took a different turn towards enlightenment halfway through filming," Hayhurst said. "The film began not only documenting the physical progress of our bodies through diet, but also the spiritual improvements and positive energy we have seen occurring in our mind and soul as well."

Portions of the film were shot in Stephenville.

Today, the film is in post production and will debut in November with a special Stephenville screening.

While the date is not yet set, Hayhurst is already planning the local screening of the film.

"I am excited about showing the film in Stephenville later this fall. Stephenville has a not-so-hidden gem in Paul Risse," Hayhurst said. "You rarely find a raw lifestyle following outside of places like Austin."

Watch the trailer to the film at www.yourhometownvoice.com.