Put away your cell phones, school is about to be in session.

As students descend on the halls of education Monday, certain laws that have also been on vacation will go back in effect. Stephenville Police Chief Patrick Bridges is reminding motorists that using your cell phone or other wireless devices while driving around campuses is against the law.

"You cannot use cell phones to talk or text in active school zones," Bridges said.

At campuses across the city, school zones are active in the morning and afternoon, but Bridges said not all school zones are active at the same time.

"People need to pay attention to the times listed around each school," Bridges said. "During those times, they need to put their cell phones down and pay close attention to the roadway and posted speed limits. Parents and their children could be crossing the street at those times and may not necessarily cross in designated crosswalks as they should."

Bridges said police officers will be present in school zones when classes resume and continue patrolling the areas throughout the year.

"There is not going to be a lot of tolerance for violations," he said. "It is a safety issue. We don't want kids to get hurt. With the number of kids that will be out and about, our biggest concern is safety."

Finally, Bridges said motorists who do not have to be in the area should plan their routes around school zones.

"If you are not trying to get to one of the campuses and don't live in the area, my recommendation would be to avoid active school zones," he said.