In less than a month, a new banner will fly over the Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) of Hood and Somervell Counties.

In September, the center that serves the county by providing an array of child crime victims services to local youth and their families, will officially expand to include Erath County, according to Stephenville Police Chief Patrick Bridges.

The center provides services like forensic and investigative interviews, prevention education, counseling and support groups, bringing together law enforcement officials, case workers, prosecutors, healthcare providers and CAC staff.

In an effort to extend the assistance to local families, Chili's Bar & Grill in Stephenville will host Children's Advocacy Center Day the next three Wednesdays when 10 percent of every sale will be donated to the organization. The fundraising drive will be held from 10:45 a.m.-11p.m.

To donate to the cause, take a flyer - available in the office of the Stephenville Empire-Tribune or online at - to the restaurant, located at 2805 W. Washington Street on the designated days.

Manager Roy Mascarro said in the case you forget your flyer, simply mention the promotion to your server. He also said photo copies will be accepted and may be distributed among community members.

"We encourage everyone to print and share as many flyers as they wish," Mascarro said, adding that greater participation means more benefits for CAC.

And, more benefits for the county, according to law enforcement officials.

"Joining the facility gives us access to a great resource for assisting children who have been victimized by crime," District Attorney Jason Cashon said in December when his office donated $10,000 in local forfeiture funds to CAC. "We now have the ability to conduct forensic interviews of children, provide counseling for child victims and their families and accessible, courtroom assistance only 30 miles away."

"These services are very beneficial to abused children and their non-offending family members," Bridges said last week. "We would love for the community to support CAC by dining at Chili's and giving back to the center. We are extremely grateful to Chili's for the support and partnership."