To the editor,

All families are at risk in the state of Texas if Gov. Perry signs SB 1440. The FLDS case, in which Texas took over 400 children based on no tangible evidence of abuse or neglect, demonstrated the sweeping power that government wields against families, even accused by false reports. Too many rights are already being ignored in the name of “child protection,” yet kids placed in foster care when their parents are incarcerated for drug use have four times the death rate of kids left with their parents. If this bill is not vetoed, it will suspend parental 4th amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure during the investigation phase of child protection cases.

Laws against moral issues, like suicide, drug abuse and sex acts are mostly useless or worse counter productive as far as prevention. They are against our founders and Jesus’ teachings of freedom of choice, of free will. Moral issues belong to the individual’s beliefs or church philosophy. The family and church are the best moral teachers, not government politicians.

The destruction of the sacred family unit is one of the worst consequences of the new prohibition. The propaganda is we wage this war to protect our children. The devastating and deadly facts are our babies, especially teens have become collateral damage in this grossly failed war.

Only 50 percent of high school students graduate in our 10 biggest cities and only 40 percent graduate in NYC, Baltimore and Detroit. In the Netherlands, 92 percent graduate; that’s No Child Left Behind! Their drugs are regulated, controlled, taxed and made legally available to everyone over 18.

The government is best left out of our personal moral dilemmas. They are needed to protect us from fraud and violence. At present they are too busy trying to be our moral police instead of our safety police. Get tough on violent crime!

Save the children! Save the sacred family unit! Please ask Gov. Perry to veto SB 1440!


Colleen McCool


To the editor,

The curbs are being replaced on Frey Street in front of our house. The sprinkler system was damaged by one of the work crews during the construction.

I didn’t know who to call, so I started with City Hall. A very nice person answered the phone and told me I needed City Services. After speaking with another nice person, I was told the contractor would be in touch. My initial reaction was, “Yeah, right. I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Less than an hour later, the job foreman called my husband at home and then came by to inspect the damage. He said they would have it repaired the next day. I thought “Yeah, right. I’ll believe it when I see it.”

The next day when we get home from work, the sprinkler system was fixed. Everyone we dealt with was very polite and helpful.

This is not the experience I was expecting. Maybe all those years of living in the Metroplex made me a tad cynical. I am so glad we moved back home. Stephenville is a great place to live.

Anita Christie