Stephenville Police Chief Roy Halsell said officers are investigating one of the strangest incidents that he can recall.

Sunday evening, police were called to a laundromat at the corner of Lillian and Long Streets because a man allegedly had taken clothes out of a dryer, threw them on the floor, and urinated on the clothing.

The victim, who declined to be named publicly, had just taken his family home to eat dinner and returned to the laundromat. While he was in his car waiting for the clothes to finish drying, he noticed a two-door red car driven by a Hispanic female pull in the parking lot. Her passenger was a Caucasian man with a handlebar mustache, “and a bit of a gut on him,” the victim said.

Both entered the building and came out carrying a basket of clothes. The woman got back in the car, but the man reentered the building alone.

The victim said he knew something was up because when the man came out the second time, he was “smiling big, almost laughing and he wasn’t carrying anything,” so the victim took down the license plate of the car.

He went inside and that’s when he found his family’s clothing thrown on the floor. When he began picking them up, he noticed the clothing was wet in some places — and realized why the man was smiling.

He had urinated on the clothing. The victim then called his wife, who called police.

His wife said officers gave them rubber gloves to pick up the clothing that she then carried to her mother’s house to soak overnight in hot water and wash again.

According to Halsell, the offense is a class C misdemeanor, but when police catch up to the perpetrator he may face bigger problems.

Halsell said when police ran the license plate number, it came back as a four-door vehicle not matching the one the victim described.

Halsell said it’s times like this when he wishes he had documented more of the unusual calls the station receives for a book.

ANGELIA JOINER is a staff writer for the Empire-Tribune. She can be reached at or (254) 965-3124,ext. 238