Eleven-year-old Jacky Ortiz said she liked the vanilla ice cream the best.

Wyatt Porter, 7, enjoyed checking out the cows. And Tiffany Cannon, 7, liked munching on nachos.

It seems there was something for everyone to enjoy during the 11th annual DairyFest held Saturday at Stephenville City Park. Though cloudy skies and the threat of rain kept the crowd smaller than in years past, the festivities went on as usual. In fact, many of the event-goers relished the cool temperature and chance to get out of the house.

The Odom family of Stephenville didnt let the wet forecast keep them from all the fun. Amanda and her husband loaded up their three kids and headed to the park for a chance to taste all the great food made from dairy products.

Im not worried about the rain, Amanda said. This weather is great. Its nice and cool.

DairyFest is a SPARD event sponsored by Tri-County Agribusiness Association, HEB, Southwest Dairy Farmers and the dairy farm families of DairyMax.

Vendors selling everything from artwork to aprons to jewelry were set up under both pavilions, as well as a variety of games for kids to enjoy. As attendees took in all the sites and sounds of DairyFest, the familiar scent of cheeseburgers on the grill and grilled cheese sandwiches filled the air.

Maribel Florez, 8, and her family said they loved DairyFest especially all the ice cream.

Its good, Maribel said, eating a scoop of vanilla. This is fun.