The 1.32 inches of rain that fell Monday on Stephenville failed to boost the city’s total rainfall above the average amount for April, resident weather watcher Stuart Chilton said Tuesday.

Total rainfall for April was 2.99 inches, or about .21 of an inch short of the yearly average of 3.20 inches for April, Chilton said.

However, rainfall during the first four months of 2007 continues to be above average.

Chilton said the average rainfall for the first four months is 9.30, and Stephenville accumulated 15.76 inches, or about 6.46 inches above the average. This time last year, Chilton said, Stephenville had received 11.14 inches.

“Residents in the county point out that many of the ponds and lakes are full or near capacity,” Chilton said.

Rain fell on seven dates, Chilton said, including:

April 7 — .20, included about two inches of sleet and snow April 9 — .01 April 10 — .06 April 13 — .31 April 17 — .51 April 24 — .58 April 30 - 1.32

TOTAL - 2.99

Please note beginning with the April 10 rainfall, subsequent rain measurements got progressively larger, Chilton said.

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