Drawing praise from the Texas Association of Dairymen, U.S. Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) has proudly announced that nearly $1.3 million for a “dairy gasifier” in Stephenville has been included in the 2008 Agriculture Appropriations Bill.

Carter, a member of the Appropriations Committee, said the fixed-bed gasifier will be located on Jam-Dot Dairy in Stephenville and be used to “convert manure to energy and a mineral ash commodity.”

Kirsten Vionis, a spokeswoman for the Texas Association of Dairymen, said TAD is in total support of Carter’s effort.

“The Texas Association of Dairymen strongly supports any technology or process that takes a dairy’s byproduct and can convert it to something useful,” Vionis said. “Not only would the dairy gasifer be a positive step for the environment, but it could help our state meet its growing energy needs.

“TAD applauds Rep. Carter for advocating for federal funds for the dairy gasifier, and we stand ready to help him in any way we can as the bill winds its way through Congress to make the final appropriation a reality.”

According to Carter’s office, inclusion in the Agriculture Appropriations Bill is the first step to secure funds for the completion of the gasifier.

“The gasifier, and the additional equipment and supplies that will be provided by this funding, will have a profound impact on the Bosque River and will also help make the farm energy self-sufficient,” Carter said in a prepared statement. “The environmental impact of this new machine is unsurpassed and I am please that I was able to assist the dairy with such an important and economic project.”

Carter’s office said the full House is expected to take up the 2008 Agriculture Appropriations bill soon and that, if passed, the bill will continue to the Senate for further consideration.

“If passed in the Senate, the bill will proceed to a Conference Committee where both Houses of Congress will create a compromise bill to be presented to the President for signing,” Carter’s office said.