There are two kinds of people according to Stephenville Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd.

"Those in need and those who help those in need," Floyd said as he applauded SISD faculty and staff Monday for their recent contributions to Erath County United Way.

Each year, SISD employees face off in a friendly fundraising competition, which delivers donations to Erath County United Way.

This year, staffers looked the troubled economy in the eye as they anted up the largest amount ever contributed by the district to ECUW - almost $11,000, nearly $3,000 more than the district raised last year.

"In an economic downturn, it is even more important for those who can to help those who can't," Floyd said.

But a sizeable gift to the non-profit organization is not the only prize campus administrators and employees work to achieve during the annual campaign. Staffers at each of the campuses and district administrators go head-to-head to see who can bring in the most funds and walk away with the crown.

"The effort has become very competitive, especially between the principals," Floyd said, adding that district employees really stepped up this year to help all of the agencies on the ECUW beneficiary list.

This year, Principal Kathy Haynes and staffers at Hook Elementary walked away with the title.

The final count showed that Hook contributed $2,440 to the campaign, which is about $49 per employee. The total amount donated by the campus exceeds the 2009-10 winning contribution by $740.

Haynes wore the crown for years until she was dethroned by Stephenville High School Principal Travis Stilwell and his staff in 2008. In 2009, Gilbert Intermediate Principal Kristen Carey and campus employees stole the bragging rights during Carey's first year at the helm of the campus.

This year, Gilbert took second place with a total contribution of $1,620 or $35 per capita, and SHS walked away with the bronze by bringing in $1,465 or $14.36 per campus employee.

From 2001-10 SISD has delivered almost $60,000 to ECUW.

ECUW Executive Director Angela Haynes said when Floyd recently delivered the funds, she had more than 100 checks from SISD contributors to take to the bank.

"It is amazing that even through a struggling economy, the district still ran a fabulous, positive campaign," Angela said. "The effort took a lot of people chipping in to do their part,"

For the annual campaign, which will fund area non-profits' needs in 2011, ECUW set a goal of $265,000, and Angela said area residents helped make that goal a reality. As of Wednesday, the total collection count stood at $266,215, and, according to Angela, there are more contributions that have not yet been counted.

She said there were still more than half a dozen campaigns that had not yet turned in their contributions.

"The leadership from the ECUW and campaign cabinet, the huge giving heart of the community and the continued support of our local businesses have come together this year to prove we are a 'Community United!'" Angela said. "To SISD and all who have worked, volunteered or given, thank you very much for making our community stronger."