My daughter normally rides a local bus to school each morning; however, this morning, she had a lot to carry, so I drove her instead. Upon arriving, I was appalled at the sight that met my eyes. There was a person in front of one of our schools, preparing to raise the flags. Both the United States and Texas flags were carried to the flagpole, unfolded and in a bundle. As I sat and watched, the symbol of the freedom of our great nation was unceremoniously allowed to fall and drape over the ground while it was clipped into place. It lay there for quite some time while the Texas flag was readied to be hung. This person raised the US flag minimally, allowing part to just lie on the ground, while clipping the Texas flag onto the lanyard. Both flags were then left to lie in a jumble while this person spoke to another who had walked up. When their conversation was over, both flags were then raised. What in the world is going on? Are the adults our children look up to at school not required to show the proper respect for our flag and the honor that it deserves? Are our children not being taught to show this same respect and why? Do they not care to acknowledge the fact that it is an extremely hard-earned privilege to fly this flag? Do they not remember the symbolism of our flag? Have they thought about the example they are setting for our children? I believe this matter should be immediately addressed by every one of our schools and the administration of SISD. Our children should never see this type of disrespect, especially from an adult from their school. They should be taught this simple way of showing their pride in America. My next question is how this same flag will be treated when it is lowered today. Shall we all find out?

Mitzi Lustgraaf