HICO - A light agenda is planned for tonight’s city council meeting in Hico. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at Hico City Hall. A special meeting is being planned to canvass Saturday’s election results on May 21.

City Administrator Lambert Little said there is a street in Hico that is one block in length named Poverty Hill Lane. After checking with the one homeowner on the street, he was told how the street came by its name. Apparently, the owner’s father built there before the street was ever named. After having trouble receiving his mail, he addressed the city council about naming the street. The story goes that council members asked his opinion on what the street should be named. He reportedly told them that he didn’t care if they called it Poverty Hill - just to give it a name so he could get his mail - and he then left the meeting. So, council members took him at his word and named the street after his suggestion.

The street runs north and south. And other streets in the city running the same directions are named after trees, Little said. He will recommend to council to change the name of the street to Redbud or Apple. Another suggestion would be to name the street after the Hedges family, he said.

Little said he would also give a report regarding “safe routes to school.”

Little said the council will hear a progress report from Richard Brown, a representative of TxDOT, on the U.S. Highway 281 project among others.

Little said the council is expected to proclaim the month of May as Seat Belt Enforcement Month in the City of Hico.