Tracey McMillian

First off, what is up with the Obama White House not being able to handle criticism? Just imagine if Bush and his press secretary took the time to name names and point fingers at each and every person who criticized his actions‚ including private citizens? That’s just what Robert Gibbs is doing to four such persons, namely Rick Santelli, Mad Money‚ Jim Cramer (who strongly condemned the Obama administration on his show recently), and of course Rush Limbaugh.

Gee, the last time I checked, we inhabited a nation where the right to criticize an administration was okay‚ even encouraged. It was another safeguard and a pretty nice perk of living in a free nation.

As for the beating Rush is taking for simply saying he hopes Obama policies fail: I AGREE! While all of us hope for economic recovery, those of us who utilize a little gray matter understand that Obama’s way ain’t going to do it, and it will ruin our country.

And you want to know something else? I wholeheartedly agree with the ever-increasing number of people out there who believe that Obama doesn’t even WANT the economy to recover. This is what The Virginian calls “planned impoverishment.”

Its goal? Total government independence. He states, “If I were a suspicious man, I would suspect that Team Obama is not unhappy that people are losing their financial independence. It’s much easier to control people when they don’t have money.” Yeah.

Hey, you know what? Socialism works. For those at the top, that is. The rest of us are cast into a perpetual state of dependence, relying upon the few in power, our puppet masters. But the misery is shared equally - have no fear.

But, back to the Rahm Emanuel, Obama, Gibbs trifecta, I have one question. What happened to the “new tone?” The immaturity on display thus far in the White House is embarrassing. And no matter how badly Obama wants to distract us with Limbaugh, all eyes continue to be on him. And no matter how teary-eyed many people got at the promises of hope and change, it is inevitable that some of them who heard the siren song of Obama will change their tunes as their pocketbooks continue to feel the pain. Many of those people will soon learn to connect the dots. Every time Obama makes a speech, the stock market tanks.

I’d rather be free to try on my own than be solely dependent on the government for my every need.

Tracey McMillian works in editorial design at the Empire-Tribune. She can be reached at 254-968-2379, ext. 239.