Stephenville resident Vernon Sneed is annoyed.

Back in the spring, while school was still in session, Sneed was issued a speeding ticket on Dale Street near the high school. Because he was in a school zone, the ticket cost him $194.

Sneed doesn't dispute the fact that he was traveling 37 miles per hour, but said he never saw the school zone sign, which he claims was obstructed by an overgrown tree.

"I blame the policeman for not noticing the obstruction and not doing something about it," Sneed said Tuesday, after going back to the location to snap a picture of the sign, which, months later, is still clearly blocked by the tree.

Sneed said he became further annoyed when he went to the pay the fine at the justice of the peace office, where he claims he was told by an employee that there have been several complaints about the sign.

"I can't imagine why someone with the city isn't doing something about this," Sneed said. "School starts on Monday and I feel it's time we citizens demand action."

Stephenville Police Chief Patrick Bridges wasted no time addressing Sneed's complaint. When he was notified of the issue Tuesday, Bridges left the office to take a look at the sign for himself and said he would figure out who is responsible for addressing such issues.

"We often rely on citizens to let us know about issues like this," Bridges said. "I will look into it immediately."