NUMBERS ARE an important part of our world, including enrollments at colleges and universities.

The current semester at Tarleton State University (TSU) set another spring semester enrollment record. The registration numbers are up 8.69 percent over the previous spring record in 2010.

The head-count this spring is 8,764 compared with 8,064 at this time last year.

Women are about 60 percent of the total enrollment. The actual numbers are women — 5,207 (59.41%), and men — 3,557 (40.59%).

Female enrollment increased 10.55 percent, compared with a year ago, while the men registered a gain of 6.15 percent.

According to class levels. the counts are as follows:

Freshmen — 1,276 (+7.77%)

Sophomores — 1,487 (+1.57%)

Juniors — 1,925 (+17.02 percent)

Seniors — 2,545 (+6.80 percent)

Post Baccalaureate — 116 (-4.13 percent)

Masters — 1,347 (+13 percent)

Doctoral — 68 (-8.11%)

The most important number is the semester credit hours. This semester this number totals 96,962 compared with 90,352 this time in 2010. That’s a gain of 7.31 percent. Appropriations for state-supported universities in Texas are primarily based on semester credit hour production.

It’s good to see these positive numbers. The words of Rufus Higgs, the late owner and publisher of this newspaper, continue to “ring true.” Rufus would often say in his page one column, “I’ll Tell The World” — “We live in the land of the blessed.”

ONE COULD readily determine last week that Spring Break was in full swing at Tarleton State University (TSU). Traffic was light throughout the city.

It’s great to have the TSU students back in our midst. They add much to the vitality and positive spirit of this community and the Cross Timbers area.

NEXT TUESDAY’S Snippets will have some up-to-date information on Sam and Susan Squirrel. You may recall in an earlier column, my seven-year-old Papillon dog, Mandy, gave us a thorough briefing on her two close “squirrely” friends.

Some of you out there in Readerland recently inquired about Mandy and the Squirrel family. Tune in next Tuesday, March 29, for the Ye Old Columnist (YOC) conversation with Mandy. Snippets will bring you the latest information on these three popular citizens of Stephenville.

THREE MORE days and a new month will make its appearance — April. It is named for Aprilis. That’s the Latin word meaning “to open.”

April was the second month in the old Roman Calendar. When Julius Caesar started the Julian Calendar in 46 B.C., April became the fourth month. Any questions — ask Julius.

Just remember April 1 is often referred to as “April Fools” Day. So beware of the jokesters on Friday, April 1.

’TIL NEXT TIME — “Shout out your numbers loud and strong .… as those caissons are rolling along. ” — Edmund Gruber (1879-1941), Author of “The Caisson Song” (1908).