In case you were wondering, our newly re-elected governor Rick Perry, is not in Austin these days but instead is on an extended tour of the country. I find it interesting that Mr. Perry chose not to mention his new personal endeavor until the moment the last ballot was counted.  It also became crystal why the smiling one refused to meet his opponents in a public debate.  When the host pointed out that Texas has the largest uninsured population at 26% and asked how the Governor planned to deal with that, Mr. Perry pointed out that Texas has 1200 miles of border. Which of course had nothing to do with the question. When pressed for specifics he simply stated that he intended to see what action the Governor of Louisiana would take and he would follow suit. When asked for suggestions for social security, Mr. Perry simply stated that a remedy would be to increase eligibility to age 69. Wow Rick, I think some of us were hoping for a little more.  I expect that some of my T party friends will find that although warm and soothing at first, after it settles a while, that Tea starts to taste very bitter.

Randy Jackson

Bluff Dale