The last thing Gene Morrison expected to see in his yard Thursday was a parrot, but that's exactly what he got.

"I came home and heard a bird somewhere close," Morrison said, adding that it didn't sound native.

After a little investigation, Morrison located the brilliantly-colored green parrot perched on his fence post.

The feathery friend measured approximately 12-14", according to Morrison, and displayed a colorful array of green and blue feathers with orange ringlets around his legs.

Morrison approached the bird which climbed onto his shoulder. When the pair neared the bird bath, the parrot went "crazy" playing and drinking the water. Morrison's wife, Pat, opened a package of crackers and fed the bird three.

An identification tag around its leg indicated the bird was from California - more than 1,500 miles away from home.

Morrison found the owner's contact information online and informed them that the bird was in Texas.

Morrison called the Erath County Humane Society to care for the bird.

"What in the world would I do with a bird anyway?" Morrison laughed.

The humane society made contact with the owner and is now reuniting the off-course creature with its rightful owner.