HUCKABAY - The Huckabay community will pull out all stops this weekend for the annual celebration of the old and new.

The Elstons, a local talented family of well-known entertainers, will kick off the doings on Saturday night according to Nancy Smith Vandergriff, this year’s vice-president.

“Members of the community have been collecting and copying photographs,” Vandergriff said. “These priceless photos that tell a history of our community have been processed into a video that will be shown on Saturday night. This should bring with it some great memories for everyone.”

Gary Williams, 2007 Homecoming President, has secured local legend, Col. Will Tate, to speak on the Sunday morning program.

“We feel so honored to be able to secure Col. Tate for this important event,” Williams said. “He is just a local legend because of his outstanding career and the attitude he has toward life.”

During this program, a brief history of the century old tabernacle will be presented, followed by barbecue for everyone.

Those attending the homecoming this year will be sitting on new benches, bought in memory of loved ones or in honor of those whose contributions to this community, are valued. The benches were built by the Huckabay Ag Classes under the direction of Dale Collum, teacher. Higginbotham’s of Stephenville (Daniel White, manager) donated materials for the benches.

The wooden tabernacle was first constructed by original settlers of this community and has served as a gathering place for approximately 97 years.

There have been minor changes and repairs made during that time, but only this past spring have any major repairs been made. Men of the community have donated the materials and their time and skills to replace the wooden outside supporting posts with heavy steel pipe leveled and set in cement. The wooden braces along the outside edges have also been replaced and the roof has been raised as needed to make the structure level. The roof needs to be replaced.

A silent auction will be conducted at this year’s homecoming to raise money for approximately $10,000 needed to replace the tabernacle roof. Donations of items as well as money donations are welcome.