City leaders recently gave the chief architect hired to design a new Stephenville public library a list of four potential locations.

Three of the locations - downtown at the Senior Citizen Center, at Clark Field Municipal Airport and across from West End Cemetery - are already owned by the city.

A fourth potential location that Bill Hidell was given - at Frey Street and Wolfe Nursery Road near Stephenville Junior High - isn’t city property.

And Hidell, of the firm of Hidell & Associates, liked the potential of all four locations.

“He (Hidell) did mention all four were good locations, as far as (each are) off of major roads,” said Drew Wells, director of community services for the city of Stephenville.

Wells said city officials wanted to give Hidell “possibilities” in different parts of town.

The potential sites for the library because public late last week during a Stephenville City Council-called meeting aimed at determining whether a new library should be built and, if so, what should be included in it.

Residents who attended the meeting made it clear the current 4,577-square-foot library at 174 N. Columbia St. is antiquated with too little space and too few books and other necessities inside and too few parking spaces outside.

What Hidell likely will do, Wells said, is take information from Thursday’s meeting and then take written comments from others and come back with suggestions and meet with city staff in July.

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