You can almost taste itÖ football, football, football!

I just love it!

This season will be fun to watch. Both of my children play the sport and I love to watch it. Most people like to go out on a Saturday night for a nice dinner and a movie. Not me, thatís my night to stay home and watch college football, where you can get suspense, action, comedy and horror all wrapped up in one. Plus, you get to watch several games over the course of the day. I will watch any college football game, any day of the week, but Saturdays are the best. Itís hard for me to pick a favorite team because I love them all. It doesnít matter if itís a blowout either. Iíll still watch it. Some of my girlfriends think that I have some type of deficiency when it comes to sports.

When I was growing up in San Antonio, my dad was a high school football coach and my love for the game just grew over the years. I couldnít wait to grow up and have sons of my own so I could have someone to watch.

My younger son, Jarrett, has been playing since he was 5 years old and loves it as much as I do. This year will be my older son, Juderís, first year to play tackle. Iím hoping that Junior High football will be the start of a new adventure for Juder. I can remember the times when my parents were nervous about my oldest brother playing for the first time; he was tall and skinny and looked breakable. Hearing the crushing, oohs and ahs, and not so very nice language coming from the huddle or sidelines, makes a person want to put earplugs in their ears. But donít pay any attention to that. If you hear it, itís all part of the game. There will be times when they get hurt mentally and physically, but this will only make them stronger individuals. Coaches are there to instruct them and teach them about being competitive, but more importantly, theyíll teach them how to work together as a team. This first year of junior high football will be challenging for some kids, parents and coaches, but you just have to hang on and get through it.

And think about what could be at the end of the road for your child.

Tarletonís first game is Saturday. The Yellow Jackets will scrimmage at home against Weatherford Friday. Junior high players need to pick up their equipment on Friday.

See you there - and donít forget to join the Booster Club!

Rochelle Stidham is Publisher of the Empire-Tribune. She can be reached at 254-968-2379, ext. 225.