Well, this mosque at ground zero deal really has the debators going hot and heavy. And for me, this one really tears it.

We've all heard lots of arguments against this project. The bottom line here, I think, is that we just don't want it there. I know I don't. The Imam in question here wants to subject us to his brand of Muslimism.

These Muslims want to force their religion and opression on us. Unfortunately, they are using our hard won (ask any veteran) permissive

religous freedoms against us. Yes, the original religous founders in America were not very permissive, and yes there were witch hunts here. However,our current laws were not passed in the political amotphere we currently find ourselves in.

These Muslims are bombing us, blowing up our military ships and killing our embassy folks, let alone our armed forces to name just a few, and all in the name of Allah and their religion.

Just as a small aside, President Obama and his attorney general have refused to bring the mastermind of the U.S.S. Cole bombing to trial (a Muslim), although he has been in custody for eight years and it's been 10 years since the bombing attack.

So why should we vote?

The best I could figure out after googling "U.S. voting returns" is that in national elections in the United States there is about 50 percent of us voting. It's a lot less in local elections. That's shameful. It's terrible. You can bet your John Deere that the Muslims are voting.

Next time you go to church, lodge, or school board meeting, look around. Only about half of your brothers and sisters voted. We only elect a president for a maximum of eight years, but the senators and representatives we keep in office for many, many years.

The truth is, America, we have the ability to control our government, but we have to vote.

When your senator, representative, president or any of our elected representives in government fail to vote the way we want them to, simply vote them out. Then vote another one in. When that one fails us, we vote them out. They will get the picture. Fast.

Blessedly, we here in Erath county, excepting our sons and daughters killed and maimed by Muslims in the Middle East, have been spared the Muslim terror that much of the rest of our country has faced.

Take a neighbor or home-bound senior with you to vote. You have no reason to complain if you don't vote. And if we all vote, then we

really can control our government and enforce the laws that we want enforced, or write new ones.

Lynn Stermolle