To the editor,

Health care reform. I have been so busy drafting letters and contacting those in power on this subject, I have not had the time to address this matter publicly. One of my friends asked me to write this letter, which is based on what I have e-mailed or postal mailed to others.

Those of us who have made any study of the U.S. Constitution realize this is not about health, nor care, nor insurance reform. It is an all out assault on the U.S. Constitution, especially involving the 14th amendment of right to life, liberty, and property, under equal protection of the law, as well as the amendment involving states rights, etc. With the goal being this is one of the first steps to change America, the home of the brave and land of the free, into some type of wimpy socialized, communistic, dictatorship type of country as is found on foreign soil, and an attempt to overthrow the United States Government of “we the people,” by overriding the U.S. Constitution.  More specifically it is not so much about the known proposals in the bill, but the unknown that is written so vague that in the long run American citizens lives would be at the hands of federal bureaucrats as to who lives and who dies, and how one is to die.  This is not the democracy of a free country.

Oh, I realize there are some in Congress who want to shift the blame on others for these type of unknown proposals that are in the bill, but yet it seems they do not want to take these proposals out of the bill.

In addition to the proposed direct cost, is the destruction of the economic system. As when groups of people, such as the elderly are more or less put to death by being denied medical care, just think at the loss of jobs that would create. As most of the nursing homes are for the elderly, that would destroy the nursing home industry, and those in the medical field who research and manufactures life saving devices and treatments would lose their jobs due to a lack of patients. Plus groups of people, such as the elderly contribute to the gross national product in regards to various common routine living expenses.

To be sure no one should be in control of our health, but one’s own self. That is I have had to make decisions regarding medical treatment as to what I felt was best for me, after doctors giving me options to consider. But no doctor, nurse, federal bureaucrat nor anyone else forced those decisions on me, and up to now I am still alive and able to live some type of quality of life, with the help of God helping me to make those decisions.

In closing, I would like to emphasize this is not about health, nor care, nor insurance reform, but for federal bureaucrats to take the first step to control the lives of people under the disguise of health care reform. I realize there will be some of your readers that will take the position I am being somewhat a radical about this, as it would appear that I am, under normal conditions. But the proposed health care reform is not a “normal condition.” Thanks for listening and if your readers haven’t already joined the effort, all Americans who believe in the U.S. Constitution need to get involved to protect our freedoms as a true and Christian democracy as founded by our forefathers.

Glen Moody


To the editor,

When I was growing up about all that doctors got for their service was milk, eggs, and dressed chickens. After Medicare they started building mansions. Presidents Reagan and the Bushes served together 20 years without doing a thing to take care of the growing expense of medical costs. During those 20 long years all I heard from the Republicans was get rid of SSI, Medicare and anything else that helps sick and elderly people.

In other words, without socialized medicine Republicans wanted to kill old people by starving them. Under Clinton, attempts were made to shore up health programs and SSI without much success except veterans’ medical care was much better. Also, the rumor that the new plan will pay for abortions is not true. On Fox News (a right wing propaganda network) it was reported this morning that an amendment to pay for abortions was shot down.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it so you can try to wreck the health plan if you can. 

Luther Butler, Sr.