More improvements are in store for Stephenville Clark Regional Airport.

At their Tuesday night meeting, the Stephenville City Council approved a pair of resolutions that could add up to increased traffic at the city managed and maintained airport and increased revenues for the city.

The resolutions will facilitate the funding of two projects, the construction of a 12-bay T-hangar and the updating of the airport layout plan (ALP), through state and federal grants. A small investment, or grant match, will be required from the city for each project.

According to Drew Wells, director of community services, the unanimous approval resolution by the council begins the design and construction process for the hangar, which has an estimated price tag of $865,000. Thanks to the grant, the city will only have to ante up 20 percent or an estimated $173,000 for the project.

Council member Joe Cude asked Wells if the city would have to return a portion of the hangar rental fees to state or federal agencies as part of the grant agreement. Wells said Stephenville will retain the rental fees, making the cityís 20 percent match an even sweeter deal.

Meanwhile, the ALP resolution will allow the city to update the airport plan, which is required to be completed before the runway extension project can begin. The estimated cost to update the plan is $100,000, with the city being responsible for 10 percent of the cost, or $10,000.

The runway extension project will increase the runway by 800 feet to accommodate small jet traffic.

According to Wells, increasing the length of the runway will likely deliver increased profits from business travelers flying into the area. Currently, travelers needing to touch down or take off from 5,000 ft. runways due to restrictions put in place by insurance carriers, are forced to Mineral Wells or other cities.

Wells said both projects are scheduled to be placed on the agenda for the Texas Department of Transportation Commissionís September meeting for approval and funding by the commission. He said the city can expect to see participation agreement for the two projects in October.

City Administrator Mark Kaiser said funds are set aside and specifically designated for grant matching projects, which will be used to cover the cityís portion of the cost.

Improvements already made at the airport include the recent construction of a new terminal building and the installation of an Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS), which were also made possible through the assistance of grant funding.

Stephenville Clark Regional Airport is located on US Highway 281, approximately one-quarter of a mile south of US Highway 377.