HICO — Hico City Council members approved resuming bulk water sales during Tuesday night’s meeting at the recommendation of City Administrator Lambert Little.

The crew doing the Highway 281 construction and others need water to complete their projects, Little said.

Council Member Pat Ross said she thought the sale price of the water should be raised. Currently the price for up to 2,000 gallons is $23.50 with a minimum purchase of 2,000 gallons.

Council Member John “Bo” McClammy suggested they compare prices in the surrounding area to remain competitive. Little said he would research area prices and report back.

The council also approved condemning the 1,784 square foot parcel of land owned by Gloria Ferguson. The land is needed for the construction of a new bridge on First Street. The city had previously offered to buy the land from Ferguson but she refused to sell. Eminent domain proceedings have begun.

The council heard concerns from John Snyder involving trees on city property that are preventing him from moving a house on West First Street. Mayor Laverne Tooley offered to meet with Snyder after the regular meeting to work out a compromise on the tree removal.

Council members approved low bids received on the water pipeline project. Little said he believes the city can stay within budget on the pipeline construction and is very excited about the project.

The council also approved adopting an ordinance prohibiting disposal wells within the Hico city limits and the city’s area of extraterritorial after hearing from City Attorney Connie White. White said the ordinance would become effective as soon as it was published in the local newspaper.

Little told council members he is excited about the progress Hico is making with all of its projects.

“In the next couple of weeks, this city is going to see more dirt flying that it’s seen in a while,” Little said. “With the sewer line replacement project, the water pipeline project, the waster water treatment plant and the Highway 281 widening project, we have a lot happening.”

A called meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 15 to discuss the 2004 Community Development Grant and to reaffirm those funds go to the new waster water treatment plant, address bulk water prices, and to discuss options the city may take regarding stray animals.

In other business the council;

Approved annexation of property on Live Oak Circle owned by Rick and Shy McClung with a rezoning issue to be addressed later, and Selected First National Bank as the city depository.