It’s not often that a love of fancy footwear brings someone to a deep appreciation of music, but that was just the case with Virginia Bond.

“I guess I knew I wanted to be a music teacher in the sixth grade,” Bond said. “I had the most beautiful music teacher named Sue Dillion and it was then that I knew I wanted to wear beautiful clothes and shoes and teach music just like she did.”

Bond grew up taking piano lessons, something her mother insisted on, but that she truly loved. She remembers being able to choose only one piece of sheet music a year and how hard it was to pick just one.

“My piano teacher never encouraged playing by ear (picking up a tune without having the music in front of you), but one day, I decided that I didn’t need the music and could save my money by playing what I heard,” Bond said.

Upon graduation from Dublin High School, Bond attended John Tarleton College, where she began her musical studies and took classes in typing and shorthand, although she admits she “has no idea why.”

Once she completed her undergraduate work, Bond decided to pursue a master’s degree at the University of North Texas, where she knew one of the piano professors.

“I felt like a lost chicken up there (at UNT) and I thought, ‘How in the world will I find this professor?’ but just when I thought I was really lost, the door burst open and he yelled ‘Virginia Bond, where are you?’” she said.

Bond earned her master’s degree in music, then came home to find a job teaching.  She first interviewed at De Leon ISD, but didn’t think the school was the right fit. Then she received a call that would shape the next 65 years.

“The superintendent of Stephenville called and asked me to come in,” Bond said. “I spoke with him, and he said, ‘I think I found my new music teacher.’ I was shaking in my shoes!”

After taking the job at Stephenville, Bond spent the next six and half decades teaching young students in the area to love music and to celebrate rhythm. She teaches students to read music, play instruments and to use their imaginations.

“We go to Hawaii every year in our imaginations. The kids love that. We hula dance