Becky Norris loves senior citizens.

“I love that age group because they are so knowledgeable,” she said. “They have a lot of rich history but a lot of society doesn’t tap into that. I love listening to them and hearing their stories.”

Norris’ love for seniors has prompted her to start a business that offers various services to assist them. Your Other Daughter is an idea that Norris has been polishing for several years.

“I was thinking about the population we have in the county and there are some that just fall through the gap,” she said. “There is a gap in there that home health doesn’t cover and that hospice doesn’t cover.”

Norris said there is a large number of senior citizens in Erath County who are caught in the middle of the stream.

“They (seniors) don’t want to live in a nursing home and they don’t want to live in assisted living. They want someone to come in and help them,” she said.

Helping seniors is exactly what Your Other Daughter will do. From activities as simple as reading to clients or assisting them with bills and grocery shopping, the company will offer a variety of services to seniors.

“I think this is the perfect county to try it in,” Norris said. “A lot of people have children that have corporate jobs and can’t get away (to help).”

Norris, who has been in the healthcare industry for more than 25 years, said she will not offer medical assistance, but she hopes her services will still fill a niche.

“I definitely think there is a need there,” Norris said.

For now, she will be a one-woman team. However, if the need arises for additional help, Norris is open to the idea and will only select the best to work for Your Other Daughter.

“I would be very, very choosy about the people who would work under my name,” she said.

Norris is currently handing out brochures for her business at local pharmacies and doctor’s offices and scheduling appointments. Your Other Daughter will take appointments on a first-come/first-served basis for hourly, half-day, full-day or recurring time periods.

For more information, call Norris at (254) 445-2266, (254) 592-1738 or e-mail