Special to the E-T

Joe Cooper, general manager of the Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District, has been elected by the board of directors of the Brazos G Regional Water Planning Group (RWPG) to serve as a new voting member.

The RWPG is responsible for developing the Regional Water Plan for Brazos Region G, which covers a 37 county planning area, and extends generally along the Brazos River from Kent, Stonewall and Knox counties in the Northwest to Washington and Lee counties in the Southeast.

Regional Water Plans provide for the orderly development, management and conservation of water resources, and include drought preparation and response.

The goal of the planning process is to assure that sufficient water will be available at a reasonable cost to ensure public health, safety and welfare, further economic development and protect agricultural and natural resources.

Regional Water Plans from the 16 regional planning areas are combined into a State Water Plan every five years by the Texas Water Development Board.

“I look forward to serving the best interests of our citizens in determining short and long term water needs and recommending appropriate management strategies to see they are met” Cooper said.

More information about RWPG meetings and the regional water planning process is available at www.brazosgwater.org.