My wife and I walk every evening at the City Park for exercise. We have been asked by several about water fountains for drinking water, there isnít any. Water fountains would also cut down on litter from water bottles. The restroom facilities are deplorable. The womenís restroom is constantly locked. This hot weather calls for water, not only for the young, but also for older citizens that are walking for exercise.

We would appreciate it if the City would install water fountains by playgrounds and close to the amphitheater. Make sure the restrooms are clean and unlocked so they can be used. Place trash receptacles at different places around the park and encourage their use.

The City is fortunate to have a large wonderful park with baseball fields, soccer field, skateboard rink, and just wide open for fun and games.

As citizens, letís help the custodians keep it beautiful by stashing the trash, taking care of equipment, restrooms, water fountains, and ALL they provide for our use. Letís make it and keep it a show place.

Vernon R Sneed