Once again Texans are lending a helping hand to those in need due to natural disasters brought on by bad weather conditions. Area Texans are pulling together in designing and implementing a “Cattle Relief Fund” to help aid Colorado in providing hay in hopes of saving thousands of cattle immobilized and starving due to the recent blizzards that have swept across the state. Although there are efforts being made through the National Guard with military helicopters and cargo plane crews making food drops to the distressed livestock, many Stephenville residents felt led to lend a helping hand and do their part to aid in this serious situation.

On Friday, Feb. 2, at noon plans are being made to leave Stephenville on a journey to Colorado carrying a goal of 7,000 bales of hay to six devastated counties in the South East part of Colorado.

Stephenville is an agricultural community full of life long farmers and ranchers that have a high value for the agricultural industry. Knowing the value, importance and financial devastation the loss of livestock could heed, local residents have taken the initiative to form a “Cattle Relief Fund” for Colorado. Based on past experiences during crisis situations, Stephenville residents have proven themselves with their commitment to helping those in need.

In order to reach this goal it will take pulling together of resources, finances, determination and community unity to result in a successful mission. Many resources are needed to accomplish a goal of such proportion and importance. The Colorado “Cattle Relief Fund” will require financial assistance, donations of hay (preferably square bales), hauling rigs and trailers, drivers, assistance in loading hay on trailers and a large hay barn to utilize in collecting the hay prior to departure to Colorado.

Local resident, Dewayne Morris, has contacted the National Guard and various departments in and around Bent County, Colorado, seeking out the needs of one of the hardest hit areas of the recent blizzards. Morris said, “It was placed on my heart to do something in efforts to help. When I spoke with the lady on the phone in Bent County, the response and sincerity in her voice told me that this was an answer to prayer.”

Morris had initially contacted the Colorado Springs Assembly of God office and from there was given the contacts he needed to put his plan into action. He then was directed to Paul Shultz, a Rodeo Chaplain in Colorado Springs who assisted and directed him to Bent County, Colorado a highly distressed area needing and praying for help and aid. From this contact the degree of damage and need was disclosed to Morris and suggestions of what Counties needed to be reached.

From that point, the target was sited to send aid to the following Counties; Bent, Kiowa, Baca, Prowers, Las Anaus and Otero. A plan was then set in full motion to have hay sent in from Stephenville and drop off points were then set up to aid the six county area that found people in the most distressed need.

If you or someone you know can assist in this area of need and would like to be a part of and/or contribute to the Colorado “Cattle Relief Fund,” call Dewayne Morris at 817-578-9424 or e-mail him at pastord1424@yahoo.com.