To the editor,

What happened to ethics and honesty? Where I work we

have been told things would work a certain way by people in positions of authority that I now know were a lie. When I questioned them, I was told to just shut up and take it. The people in those positions of authority do not care that they violated some basic work ethics over and over again and that by doing so they have damaged the employer/employee relationship. All they care about is that they are getting what they want and itís just too bad that they lied to get there. Then they fuss when they realize that the employee moral has dropped. Imagine that.

What I find is that the longer I work here the more they lie about things and then just keep going because they can. There is no stopping them because there are too many people that will not step up and sound out. Those people are scared they might lose their job. There is a specific problem that I have been pretty vocal about and today the friend that told me about the problem asked me to just leave it alone. It is a problem that involves unpaid benefits that we previously had, but now have to pay for.

Well, some of us do, while itís become a job perk for others. It spurs me on to search for a job with an employer that actually cares about the employees.

Melet Price


Dear editor,

On Memorial Day we had a program at the East End Memorial Cemetery honoring our many departed veterans from wars past. After the program, which was sponsored by the American Legion, there was a breakfast for everyone hosted by the VFW and DAV. The food was donated by Wal-Mart, H.E.B., and Chicken Express. The VFW and DAV ladies did the cooking and serving at the breakfast. The H.E.B. Bakery also donated donuts to the American Legion workers who put on the program at the cemetery.

The best thing I can do at this time is to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

From the veteran in these organization,

Norman Craig

Commander, Stephenville DAV