For the second time in a matter of days, a second dog-related shooting has rocked the close-knit community of Dublin.

“It sounds like someone murdered those dogs,” said Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant, when asked about the shootings, which occurred on the same street in Dublin.

Sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, someone shot and killed Tammy Cupps’ two rat terriers. Tooter was a 15-year-old male and Jolie was a 12-year old female.

“I usually start bringing them in the house when it gets cold,” Cupps said.

But that night they were both on chains in the backyard. Cupps admits that the small dogs sometimes barked at people they didn’t know.

“I could tell the difference between barks,” Cupps said. “They’re just like my kids, too.”

It was Cupps’ daughter who found the slain dogs in the yard Thursday morning, still tied to their chains.

“She’s pretty shaken up,” Cupps said. “I couldn’t understand what she was trying to say, but she kept saying, ‘They’re dead! They’re dead!’”

A bullet struck Tooter in the hip. Jolie suffered two shots, one to her stomach and one near her hind legs.

Cupps lives in the 300 block of South Liberty Street, just one block from Danny Clayton, whose two German Shepherds were shot and killed and a third dog was injured last week.

Clayton said the police consider the shootings a serious matter.

“They have taken this very seriously,” Clayton said. “They’re hands have been tied because there wasn’t any physical evidence left behind.”

Repeated calls to Dublin police seeking comment on the case were not returned. 

Bryant called the shootings unusual and cautioned residents in the area to keep pets indoors and to watch for anything suspicious.

In September, another dog was shot on South Liberty Street.

Lisa Srader owned a female pit bull named Doggy Doo. She stayed in the backyard on a chain, but was friendly, according to Srader, and would play with her 4-year-old son, Korbin Ballard.

Little Korbin found Doggy Doo on the morning of Sept. 27, shot dead, still tied to her chain in the backyard. He told his mom Doggy Doo was just sleeping, but when Srader went to go check, she found blood splatter on the doghouse and a rock nearby.

Doggy Doo had been shot in the shoulder with a .22 caliber weapon. She was shot sometime in the late evening on Sept. 26. The bullet entered her shoulder and exited through her chest.

Clayton’s pets were also shot by a weapon of the same caliber.