During Monday’s meeting of the Erath County Commissioners Court, the commissioners voted unanimously to lift the burn ban that has been in effect since January. The commissioners had issued a 72-hour lift Thursday following much need precipitation and agreed at Monday’s meeting that the county received sufficient rainfall to lift the ban.

In addition to regular items of business, the court granted permission to tax assessor/collector Jennifer Carey to authorize the sale of property at 422 Park Street in Dublin. Carey explained that the property has been delinquent on taxes since 1999 and added that the abandoned property has also become an eye sore. The court issued a unanimous vote of approval allowing the sale for a sum of $2,000, which will be used to pay a portion of the delinquent taxes.

Meanwhile, a jury of view, consisting of five county landowners, was appointed by the court in an effort to resolve a dispute that has slowed the certification of the county road map. A landowner in the Dublin area has filed a petition to close a county road while others residing in the area disagree that the road should be removed from the map. Since the county is currently in the process of creating the map and the dispute exists, law requires the appointment of a jury of view, consisting of property owners who have no interest in the outcome of the protest.

Each of the four commissioners and County Judge Tab Thompson selected individuals to serve on the jury. The jury will convene on March 17 to hear evidence. Following a public hearing and examination of county records, the jury will determine if the county is correct in stating that the road should remain open and under the care of county crews in the name of public interest.

In other business, the court opened bids to begin the process, which will lead to the expansion of the county’s Volunteer Fire Department. Once complete, the expansion will allow separate housing for county fire and EMS services.

The next meeting of the commissioner’s court will be held at 9 a.m., Monday, March 24, at the Erath County Courthouse.