Ben Hogan may be gone, but the legacy he leaves surpasses his time on Earth. Such was the focus at a museum fundraiser held in Dublin Saturday night. The dinner and program were part of Dublin’s ongoing efforts to raise the funds needed for the opening of the Ben Hogan Legacy Museum, something the city hopes to accomplish in the next few months. And with the help of friends and family of Hogan, the museum is well under way.

Robert Stennett, executive director of the Ben Hogan Foundation, was on hand to share what he knew of both the golfer and the man, something that Stennett explained were two different personas.

The man on the course was a focused, stoic man, but off the course, Hogan was a man who cared deeply for children, animals and his country.

According to Stennett, Hogan overcame many obstacles in his life to become one of the greatest golfers the world has ever seen. Besides sustaining life-threatening injuries during a car crash in 1949, Hogan also struggled with poverty after witnessing his father’s suicide, which left the Hogan family without its breadwinner.

“Ben Hogan was a man who didn’t suffer fools, but was a true gentleman and a loyal friend,” said Stennett, as he addressed the crowd of approximately 100 guests.

After dinner was served, the crowd was presented with the museum’s mission, which is to “tell Mr. Hogan’s story with clarity, meaning and dignity.”

“We have a town which has the conviction to follow its dreams and we will reach this dream and make us proud as Dubliners,” said Karen Wright, executive director of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

The museum will set up shop in the Lyon-Prim building in downtown Dublin and will feature valuable items from both the collections of the estate of Hogan and from his home course, Shady Oaks Country Club in Fort Worth.

Items included a print of a famous photo of Hogan, a limited edition wine collection and a Calloway golf bag were auctioned off to the highest bidder during the evening, with the proceeds going toward the museum’s operating costs.

Dublin hopes to re-introduce Hogan’s legacy to the town by holding a public viewing of a movie made about his life. The city will be showing Follow the Sun next weekend in the park adjacent to Old Doc’s Soda Shop. Follow the Sun follows Hogan’s rise to greatness and his phenomenal legacy.

Those who knew him best felt that Hogan left a “legacy worth celebrating” and Dublin aims to honor that very legacy.