When Julianna Fain, a 19 year old Tarleton State University freshman, learned that she had been chosen as the new “Pretty Peggy Pepper,” she was overwhelmed with joy.

“I called everyone that I knew,” said Fain. “My dad and brothers live in New Jersey so I called and told them that I had been selected. They said they wanted some Dr Pepper.”

One night, as Fain was working at a local steakhouse, she was asked by a Dr Pepper employee if she would be interested in joining the race to become the next Pretty Peggy Pepper.

“Dr Pepper, especially Dublin Dr Pepper, has always been my drink of choice,” said Fain. “I always knew of Dublin Dr Pepper because my mom would take us to Dublin to go on the tour.”

Fain led the pool of applicants and was selected, initially, as one of the top three candidates. After completing an application, Fain was asked to participate in an interview process, where she answered “get-to-know you questions” in front of Dr Pepper management.

After being selected as the new Pretty Peggy, Fain was “sashed” at Dublin Dr Pepper’s 118th birthday celebration last weekend, something she said she was “not prepared for.”

“There were 4,000 people there and Mr. Kloster (owner of Dublin Dr Pepper) asked me to say a few words about myself, but what do you say in front of all those people?” said Fain.

Fain is an accounting major at Tarleton with a minor in marketing. She has lived in many different cities in Texas, but is now proud to call Stephenville home. She is looking forward to “putting a smile on people’s faces” through her job with Dr Pepper. She will be riding through town on Dr Pepper’s 1952 delivery truck during the Dublin fourth of July parade, an event tailored to Pretty Peggy Pepper and her patriotic ensemble. She will also attend the 10-2-4 convention in Waco later this summer as well as present trophies in various sports tournaments to be held throughout the year.

Pretty Peggy Pepper is an “ambassador” for the brand and is chosen through a process similar to a job interview. Pretty Peggy may hold her job until she resigns her post, gets married or has other situations arise.

Emily Greenway, Dr Pepper’s last Pretty Peggy Pepper, will be getting married this summer and was therefore obligated to resign her post, but her two years of experience aren’t lost on Fain.

“We had a meeting the other day and she told me some things to expect and some pointers to make the job easier,” said Fain.

According to Dublin Dr Pepper’s director of special events, Lori Dodd, the company is “real excited” to have Fain working with them. Fain’s reign officially began during the birthday celebration, but has many more exciting stops along the way.