On Wednesday afternoon, the Erath County Chapter of the Texas Democratic Women met to pack toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, beef jerky, hard candy, can meat, sealed bags of cookies, drink mix packets, local newspapers, and much more into care packages topped off with t-shirts with flags and yellow ribbons that read “thinking of you.”

The Texas Democratic Women have adopted a unit from Fort Hood — HHC,1st Air Cav Bde, 1st Cav Division — and will be sending the care packages to their unit, which is in Iraq.

The TDW, Erath County Chapter, has been gathering donations from individuals in the form of boxes at the Town and Country Bank and downtown in Boyd Waggoner’s office and from the Patrick Street Church of Christ in Dublin, the Stephenville Christian Reformed Church, and Town and Country Bank.

“The community has been so generous,” said Marcy Tanter, President of the Erath County Chapter, “these people are putting their lives at risk out there and they don’t even have the things that we can get so easily here at the store on the corner.”

After deciding to send care packages to soldiers, the original idea was to send them to all the soldiers from Erath County, but as the TDW, Erath County found out, it is hard to find just those soldiers. Ms. Tanter then spoke with Mary Beth Harrell, a Democratic candidate for the area, and was told to call Fort Hood where she found out about the Adopting a Unit program. This program cannot guarantee that the care packages sent by the Erath County Chapter will get to Erath County soldiers, but they do promise they will go to soldiers from Fort Hood.

When the boxes, some of which have been donated by Pack ‘N’ Mail, are full, they will be shipped from there as well because they mail shipments to the military at a ten percent discounted rate.

Ms. Tanter and the other women in the Texas Democratic Women hope that others will see what they are doing and also are inspired to send package to the men and women protecting our freedoms.

If you would like more information on how to adopt a unit from this area, you can do so online at www.forthoodausa.org and click on the “Adopt a Unit” link.