What do you get when you add thousands and thousands of Christmas lights, more than a half mile of extension cords and a month and a half of decorating? When Billy and Elaine Chew mix the three, they produce a Christmas spectacle.

For the past six years, the Chews have decorated their house and yard with Christmas lights that blink to the beat of classic holiday songs. This year is no exception.

"We just love doing this each year," Elaine said.

With the help of a few friends and family, Billy and Elaine began stretching extension cords and stringing lights across their yard forming scenes of Christmas trees, lollipops, reindeer and snowmen in mid-October.

Billy described it as an "organized chaos" as strands of lights and extension cords criss-cross the yard connecting each cord to one of four 16-channel controllers.

For the scene to be synchronized to music, each strand of lights must be programmed to every note and beat of each song that is played.

This year lights will blink to holiday classics such as pieces from Trans-Siberean Orchestra and songs from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Even "test-runs" before the first full show draw crowds.

"We would practice one song and watch to make sure everything was happening as planned and then we would turn around and there would be four cars parked and watching," Elaine said.

The first full show, that consists of six songs, was on Thanksgiving night with a record attendance for an opening day. The Chews will have a show nightly from 6-9p.m. until New Year's Day.

The community can see the synchronized light show at the Chew's home at 711 Sixth Street at the corner of Groesbeck Street.

The Chews are also collecting donations to benefit Relay for Life. For the past three years they've collected money for the American Cancer Society and have donated more than $2,500 to the cause.

"It is a lot of fun. We try to do something good and provide the community with a fun holiday treat," Elaine said. "What started out as a small project has become a big attraction."