After suffering a huge financial blow on a weekend that is typically a pot of gold for the Irish Capital of Texas, the Dublin Chamber of Commerce is trying to recoup.

"Normally the St. Patrick's Day (activities) cover our operational expenses for the year and this year it certainly did not," Karen Wright, executive director of the chamber, said. "Mother Nature is not Irish."

But borrowing an idea from a Dublin City Council member, the chamber believes it has a second chance to raise some green.

The chamber is planning a citywide garage sale in October, when individuals purchasing a booth will be able to sell various items.

Wright and Dublin resident Nancy Woolridge asked the city council to waive fees for the rental of the city park for the weekend of the garage sale.

"We anticipate a lot of arts and crafts booths and it gives us an opportunity to raise money (for the chamber)," Wright said.

Woolridge and Wright said that a regular booth will be leased for $35 while a booth requiring electricity will be rented for $40.

Woolridge said the event would be advertised within a 100-mile radius in hopes of attracting visitors and vendors to Dublin.

But arts and crafts enthusiasts aren't the only ones who will benefit from the event.

"This would give a person an opportunity to do three garage sales (per year)," council member Kenneth Lunsford said.

Currently, Dublin residents are allowed to hold two garage sales per year at their home.

"One man's trash is the other man's treasure," Woolridge said.

For more information on the citywide garage sale, contact the Dublin Chamber of Commerce at 445-3422.