If you’re tired of people giving away or selling dogs on the roadside or in local parking lots, then the Stephenville City Council may soon have an answer.

The council is considering an ordinance aimed at stopping that practice.

The council’s Public Health and Safety Committee this week began discussing the issue.

Police Chief Roy Halsell told council members he’s interested in revisions to the Animal Control Ordinance, especially after three people “in one incident” had to be treated for rabies after receiving an animal through this method.

“The issue for me is to track down people who are giving away or selling dogs,” Halsell said.

Halsell said he isn’t particularly interested in stopping people from selling animals at garage sales or at flea markets because those people are easily tracked down.

People who set up on the side of the road or in parking lots, however, are another matter.

They are not easily tracked down, and many, officials believe, reside outside the Stephenville city limits.