When I saw the headline for Sunday, August 19, regarding pit bulls, I knew our local humane society would be mentioned. What I did not expect to see was a quote from my friend, Gail Johnson, saying such outlandish things about pit bulls. This is my friend, who every other Friday, sits on my back porch and feeds peanut butter crackers to my pit bull. This was not the Gail that I know, who loves all animals and at one time owned a pit bull herself. Gail and Judy Hallmark both know that pits are like people and have many different temperaments. The pit I own was purchased after another friend told me what good dogs they could be when treated properly. This woman had children and pits and had never had problems. After rescuing two more pit puppies, the different personalities were obvious with the puppies while waiting to find homes for them. One of those puppies did not go to a home with children because I was smart enough to know it did not have a good personality for that type of family situation. By now you are already thinking I have long, blonde bleached hair and tattoos that cover various parts of my body. Think again. I am very grandmotherly and any thing but white trash. What this story should have centered on was finding more funding for our animal shelter and encouraging owners to have dogs spade and neutered. We have a serious problem when so many dogs and cats that are dropped off and there is no room at the animal shelter to hold animals until homes can be found.

Hopefully, such a story is on the way and my friend, Gail, will be quoted correctly this time. Ethical journalism is in short supply these days but our community of hard working people believe in the truth rather than media sensationalism.

Linda Hensley