The Dublin Independent School District board of trustees learned about the future destination of the district Tuesday night when it was presented with the annual improvement and technology plans.

In her last presentation as a district employee, Nancy Russell presented the district and campus improvement plans to the board. The plans included district-wide and campus goals, an action plan and a comprehensive needs assessment.

Russell said several items in the plans were updated, including technology. Special attention was also given to increasing science, reading, social studies and writing skills for English Second Language (ESL) students through designated activities.

Russell said the plan is similar to the former years but expects additional changes to be made to the 2010-11 improvement plans. She is also encouraging principals to use the documents as a vision and steering tool for their campuses.

“It is a breathing document. It is a document that should be used, not sitting on the shelves collecting dust,” Russell said.

Superintendent Shawn Barnett said he recently spoke with a representative of a company that assists school districts in climbing the Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) school recognition ladder. Barnett said the representative told him that the first step to improving any school district was purchasing the CSCOPE program. According to its Web site,, CSCOPE is a “comprehensive, customized, user-friendly curriculum and establishes an accountability process to ensure a quality implementation” developed by TEA.

“CSCOPE is Plan A for Dublin,” Barnett said.

The board unanimously approved the 2009-10 District and Campus Improvement plans.

The board then heard from Nancy Allen, who presented the 2010-11 Technology Plan.

“The state and the federal government require us to do this one year in advance,” Allen said. “It is a requirement before we can even apply for grants.”

Allen said the technology plan for 2010-11 was similar to the previous year’s plan.

“We have to meet 58 standards and align it with (many requirements). That is so much that it leaves little room to do much else,” Allen said.

Technological improvements are being planned and implemented, however, throughout the district.

Allen said the laptops high school students will receive during the spring semester were funded by a grant, which was written five years ago. And the laptops are not the only upgrades the district has made recently.

“We have slowly, slowly replaced all Windows 95 and 98 computers,” Allen said. “We’ve made great strides at replacing all the old equipment.”

Allen said the district is acquiring the needed support so teachers feel comfortable with the implemented technology.

“Our goal is to increase the availability of technological support,” Allen said.

Allen said the Technology Plan is just that, a plan, which requires updating each year.

“I know you all have made that commitment but there is more - there is always more,” Allen said. “(The plan) is just basically a blueprint to go by.”

The board unanimously accepted the Technology Plan for 2010-11.

In the interest of conflicting events with high school sports on Tuesday nights during the spring semester, the board unanimously approved moving their meeting date and time to the third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. Meetings will still be held in the library at Dublin High School.