To the editor,

This letter is in response to those out there who think that the disapproval of the president is about race. What a ridiculous accusation!† It is not about whether he is red, yellow, black or white, but the content of his character.†† Do you honestly think that the reason so many are speaking out against the president is because of the color of his skin? Canít you come up with anything better than that?†

Did you ever hear any disapproval about the color of Colon Powell or Condoleeza Rice? The people of this great nation who are speaking out against the many injustices are absolutely not inciting hatred or fear and are not covering up anything. Hard working Americans are fed up with being told how to live, spend their hard earned money and how to rear their children. What ever happened to personal responsibility? Get over the fact that many are finally speaking out against big government. Silence is approval and consent!

In response to a recent letter to the editor, thank God I live in the Bible belt. Thank God I have been blessed to be able to help those in need. Christ teaches us to help those in need, but it should not be the job of the government to decide who I need to help. Compassion is voluntary, not compulsory!†

Jennifer Garrison