From Jan. of 1969 to Dec. of 1971 11 members of ďGhost RidersĒ A Co. 158th Assault Helicopter Batallion (AHB) didnít make it home from the Vietnam War.

Melvin Senter remembers more than most - he lived through it.

And he has a special memorial tribute to the 11 members of his unit that did not.

Senter has a custom painted Harley Davidson motorcycle with the lost menís names on the back fender mud flap and just above that on the rear fender it reads "Still on a Mission."

"Those that were lost over there are still on a mission," Senter said. "I didnít know them all but I wanted them all listed."

Senter said he got the idea of the theme for the bike when he went to a reunion of his unit members. There, he saw a painting depicting helicopters and the unit logo and decided "that would be the thing to put on the bike."

Early this year the idea became a reality when the bike was custom painted and designed by Streamline Cycles in Stephenville.

Senter said the last four years he has renewed old friendships with war buddies through Email and by telephone and attends a big reunion every three years. For the last three years he has attended a mini reunion held in Oklahoma City each year.

He showed off his bike to 17 of his unit members in Oklahoma City at the beginning of June.

"They all fell in love with it," Senter said.

Senter was a door gunner crew chief , which made him responsible for his aircraft at all times. He received 22 air medals for more than 1,000 combat hours in the air in 11 months. He also was awarded a Bronze Star.

"Iíve always been a Harley fan," Senter said. "But I particularly like them because theyíre American made.

"Next year the big reunion will be in Colorado Springs," Senter said. "It will mark 40 years since our unit activation at Fort Carson. Thatís a milestone right there."

And he is definitely planning on making that one and said, "A lot of my buddies have begun dying off of heart attack and other things."

When asked if he planned on taking the Harley to that reunion his reply was,

"Well, what do you think?"