During Tuesday’s meeting of the Dublin ISD, the board unanimously passed a motion to rescind the energy audit study they passed only one month ago. The audit, which was to be conducted by Ron Hensley of Texas Energy Outfitters, was set to cost the board $900, money the board said could be saved.

“We had been told by the electric company that supplies electricity to the school (United Electric Cooperative) that they would conduct the audit for free,” said Don Keith, board president.

Besides the monetary factor, the board felt they might have jumped into the new technology too quickly. According to Keith, the board heard conflicting reports about the accuracy of the subjects reported to them last month.

“The board had contacted some of the references that Mr. Hensley had said were ‘on board’ with his projects, but when we contacted them they stated that they were not as gung-ho as Mr. Hensley had stated,” Keith said.

Hensley said he had no comment regarding the rescinded motion, although he hoped to continue providing information to the board.

“I want to do this for them,” Hensley said. “I will continue sending them information on grants for this type of program and ways that Texas Energy Outfitters can help them.”

Hensley added that the energy audit he would provide would be “completely different” than the one offered by electricity providers.

“My audit would focus on sustainable energy, not just insulation and lights,” he said.

Although the board voted to rescind the motion, that does not mean they are forgetting the issue. They hope to let these products “prove themselves” over time and see if products such as the g.e.s.p.e.r., an energy efficiency device offered by Hensley, cut costs as much as promised.

“We just jumped into this too fast. We spend approximately $20,000 a month on energy, if we could find ways to cut those costs, it would behoove us to look at the options,” Keith said.