Pink Flamingos have flocked to the Cowboy Capital and the first stop in their migration was the main office of USTRC (United States Team Roping Championships). They were resting within eyeshot of merry motorists making their way along US Highway 377 Tuesday.

According to Juli Gibson with Tarleton State University's Baptist Student Ministry, the birds will not leave until USTRC pays $50 to have them uprooted. The money will be used to fund summer mission trips.

Gibson said in seeking a destination for the first flock, BSM went to local churches and asked them to nominate the first stops in the flamingo campaign, but mums the word on the identity of the individual responsible for sending the sizable flock to the front lawn of USTRC.

"That person asked to remain anonymous," she said.

Gibson said the flamingo colonies are made up of 20, 30 or 50 birds and they are removed once the fee of $1 per flamingo is paid.

When the flamingos land, a packet explaining their arrival is also left on the front door of the residence or business and allows the flamingos' temporary caretakers to determine the next step in their migration.

Gibson said several students have planned summer-long mission trips while others are preparing for shorter excursions both in the United States and overseas.

The fundraising effort is expected to continue for four-six weeks. She said individuals who want to participate can simply nominate the next flocking spot by calling BSM at 965-4179.