My wife and I walk every evening at the Stephenville City park. I walk one mile and she walks two miles. I have a bad knee and can only walk one mile a day. We don't like to be confronted with dogs that are not on leash and come running toward us growling. I love dogs, having had them all my life, until last year, when they both died from old age and the heat.

Today she was confronted with three dogs, not on leash, that came running toward her in an aggressive manner and the man said, "oh they want bite". That is little comfort to someone that is not used to animals and could possibly have a heart attack from the confrontation. I understand that Stephenville has a leash law and that any dog in public HAS to be on a leash. Why isn't this law enforced? It is several young women that run with their dogs on a leash and also walk with dogs on leash. I can understand that most do this for protection from muggers. These dogs are usually disciplined and cause no problem, whatsoever.

If you want your dog to run and get exercise off leash, go out in the country where they want bother anyone.

Vernon R Sneed

Stephenville, Texas